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Restaurant Equippers

Client Description

Restaurant Equippers, Inc. specializes in the distribution of wholesale restaurant supplies.  They provide inexpensive products that are kept in stock and can be delivered in a more timely fashion than other distributors.  Their line of products ranges from bottle openers to 3-door display refrigerators.  The main warehouse will have multiple racking storage locations along with a manual conveyor belt to aid in picking.  Products are received during the day shift and then as many as four hundred orders are fulfilled overnight.   


As Restaurant Equippers grew as a company they experienced higher sales volumes and realized they needed an automated system to manage their steadily growing supply chain needs.

Restaurant Equippers is has been using an outdated distribution system for the past 15 years. The system handles most transactions well but does not supply any reporting or analytical functionality. Picking is done via paper pick tickets which results in a 7% error rate in order processing. Restaurant Equippers also has great difficulties processing returns resulting in excessive man hours.

Restaurant Equippers is in need of a best of bread, full supply chain management system that can be implemented without halting distribution.

The System

The new system is a fully automated supply chain management system from HighJump Software named Warehouse Advantage that interfaces with Client’s VAX DMS system and Clipper Ship.  The system features directed warehouse operations that lead the various warehouse personnel through each material-handling step using radio frequency (RF) data collection terminals. The first phase of this project is to include the processing of parts into and out of Client’s warehouse.  The following description provides an overview of the system operations of phase one with the details provided in the accompanying process flows.

The Warehouse Advantage System consists of two PCs that are networked together via a Windows NT network.  One of the PCs will perform as the Database Server where the inventory data is stored, and the other as the Application Server.  The Application Server PC will be connected to the RF backbone allowing the RF data terminals to direct the warehouse personnel through the Warehouse Advantage System processes.

The Warehouse Advantage System will receive parts into the system through the receipt from Vendor process and the Warehouse Transfer In.  At some point in each process a part label will be printed for each container of parts.  The part will then be tracked through the facility utilizing part labels, location identifiers, and RF data collection terminals.  After a cart of part(s) is received into a staging type location, Warehouse personnel will then proceed to be directed to either take those items to a storage location, or use them to replenish\fulfill an order.  The system will direct the material handler to put the parts away into storage locations using an algorithmic sequence.  The algorithmic sequence will utilize classes and cross docking in directing parts to be put-away in the correct location. 

Orders will be fulfilled utilizing the orders downloaded into the Warehouse Advantage System from the Host system.  The Warehouse Advantage System issuing processes will direct the material handlers on where, what, and how much of a part to issue to fulfill the orders.  During the issuing processes the material handler will pick part(s) to their cart and then drop these part(s) off at a destination cart, placing the picked part(s) into specific locations on the destination cart.  Real-time inventory counts will be maintained in the Warehouse Advantage System, and all of these processes will generate special host interface transactions for updating the inventory balances maintained by the Host system.



Client Feedback

"The real payoff of the HighJump system isn't just that you can run your distribution center better. It's that you have a wealth of information you can use to better your whole business. Sometimes the biggest payoffs are in areas you can't measure. Companies win because they do just a little better. Work a little smarter. It's that simple. Warehouse Advantage helps us do that."

-Roger Wadsworth                                                                                                 Chief Operating Officer                                                                                 Restaurant Equippers

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